Say hello to a better work-life

- Human Resources Software -
BWelcome is a uMan Xpert signature project, a company with more than 20 years of experience in the development and implementation of specialized software in human resources.
There are more than 150 uMan Xpert Customers  who attest our maturity in delivering Value Added Solutions.

Thus, we direct the investment towards a global and integrated response to the processes of Human Capital, automating, whenever possible, the daily tasks of the HR department.

So that our Clients are able to retain Talent in their Organizations, we have evolved in areas such as Motivational Climate, Performance Management, the Employee Portal and, of course, Onboarding, with BWelcome!

To this avant-garde software, which we call uMan Global HR, with a simple interface and aligned with the needs of the user, we add an experienced team, motivated to innovate and overcome all challenges.

With uMan Global HR managing people and automating processes has never been easier!